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Can Dogs Have Pickles?

When it comes to feeding our lovely dogs, one of the common questions is: can dogs have pickles?

Well, pickles are basically cucumbers, and it’s commonly known that they are suitable for dogs to eat. The assumption would be that pickles are good for dogs, but let’s consider that. 

To find the answer to this question, we must consider two important aspects. What kind of pickles, and how much you want to give your pup.

While some pickles are actually healthy for your dog, others may cause him to have digestive problems, and it’s essential to know about it. 

Pickles are generally not toxic to dogs, but most times, they contain high quantities of sodium, spices, and vinegar, which are potentially harmful to our dogs. This is why it’s usually not a good idea to feed pickles to your pup. 

Of course, there is a way for your dog to enjoy the incredible pickles!

Kind Of Pickles To Feed Your Dog With

In terms of pickles, there are many options you can choose. Many types of cucumbers pickled in different ways, It may be confusing to choose something you can actually feed your dog. 

The best option if you want to give your dog pickles from time to time and unsalted pickles. They don’t contain sodium, and they should be perfectly safe. Remember that dog’s stomachs can’t handle large quantities of salt. 

You will be able to find sweet pickles and replace the salty, sour, or spicy ones, which are generally prepared with more concentrated solutions. 

You can look for sweet pickle jars at your local store and make sure they don’t have any extra spices added. 

Safe Pickles Quantity For Dogs To Eat

Well, feeding your dog a few slices of pickles from time to time won’t harm them. In general, a few small bits once or twice a week should be perfectly fine, but don’t exaggerate. 

Don’t make a habit out of feeding pickles to your dog. In large quantities, they can be very harmful to dogs, not what any responsible dog owner wants. Even though they may like them, it’s definitely not a good idea. 

Dogs get their sodium intake from their typical dog food because it’s specially made for that. The human diet has higher sodium levels than any dog food, and if you want to start cooking for your dog, you need to keep this in mind. 

Pickles are not supposed to be a common occurrence in your dog’s diet. Besides that, they won’t get a lot of nutrients from them, so they shouldn’t be an essential part of their diet. 

Feeding pickles to your dog regularly may lead to severe stomach problems, which may be very hard to deal with. Their bodies are not made to have such “unusual” intakes of food.

Keep it simple, and keep your dog healthy.

Cases When Pickles Are Bad For Dogs

For starters, if the pickles also contain garlic or onion, you should never give them to your dog. Onion can cause severe anemia in dogs, and there’s a lot more to talk about on this topic. It’s essential to see why garlic and onion are not suitable for dogs. 

Pickles are “pickled,” which means that they are stored and soaked in salty waters, along with spices and vinegar for a specific time.

Also, if your dog is on a low sodium diet, he should not be receiving pickles. That would completely ruin their food and all the efforts you two put into respecting it. This can also lead to high blood pressure and heart disease in dogs, so you may want to reconsider!