How It Works

The Benefits

  • Mornings

    Just waking up? Open your backdoor and enjoy your cup of coffee before your morning walk

  • Nightime

    Ready to settle in but your pet needs to go one last time? Now your patio is an option. 

  • Working Late

    Can't make it home on your lunch break or have to work late? Leave Patio Pet Life inside just in case! It works indoors too.

  • Bad Weather

    Want to stay warm and dry in stormy weather? Well, now you can.

Farm Fresh Pet Grass

Our farm fresh pet grass is lightweight, grown hydroponically, soilless and biodegradable. Harvested in California.

Custom Pet Grass Trays

Customized to fit our farm fresh pet grass, our trays are lightweight, durable, UV protected and raised off the ground for easy cleaning. For indoor and outdoor use. Made in California.