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Why Do Dogs Sigh?

Another very important topic related to our lovely dogs: why do dogs sigh?

Dogs and humans are very different in general. Dogs can only express themselves by using certain noises and body language. Because of this, their reasons to sigh may be completely different than ours. 

For a dog, sighing maybe because one of these four common causes:

Cause 1: Health issues 

Cause 2: Want or need

Cause 3: Relaxation

Cause 4: Disappointment

Of course, we will take a more in-depth look into each of these. 

Determining the cause of your dog sighing is not hard, and there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Starting with his body language, the frequency of sighing, and of course, the situations. 

Let’s take a look at the most four common causes. 

Why Do Dogs Sigh: Health Issues (Cause 1)

If your dog is sighing too much, it may leave you wondering. Unfortunately, this may be the case for some sort of health issue you need to look into. 

Sometimes dog owners may mistake sighing for wheezing. If your dog is sighing too often, make sure you take the time and take him to the vet.

Of course, it doesn’t mean something’s wrong with him. You just need to make sure that he’s not sighing because of a respiratory problem.

Make sure to look out for other symptoms such as coughing and difficulty breathing. This can sometimes mean that your dog is dealing with chronic bronchitis. 

Why Do Dogs Sigh: Want or Need (Cause 2)

Sometimes dogs sigh with their eyes completely open. This action can have a very specific meaning. 

Dogs are usually trying to tell us things. Sometimes they want to play. Other times they may wish to a delicious treat. Make sure you pay attention to his needs.

When your dog wants or needs something, he will be staring at you insistently. 

Why Do Dogs Sigh: Relaxation (Cause 3)

After playing with your pup for a while, you may hear him sighing. This usually means that he is satisfied and content. It often happens when our dogs are relaxing with their eyes half-closed.

When this happens, all you need to do is praise him for being such a good boy. The same thing happens to humans after having an intense day and finally sitting down at the end of it. 

It’s just pure relaxation, and you should be happy; it’s this way. 

Why Do Dogs Sigh: Disappointment (Cause 4)

Dogs will sigh out of disappointment from time to time. They can be sad, depressed, or just simply disappointed because we refuse to play with them. 

This is usually a sign of giving up on a certain something. Maybe because you refused to give him food from the table, or perhaps he didn’t get his favorite toy. You can always help him a little when he is feeling down. 

Why Do Dogs Sigh: Conclusion

When it comes to dogs, sighing is a form of communication. They are trying to tell you something. 

By being a dog parent, you should know your dog better than anyone. You will know when your dog wants something from you and when he needs help. All you need to do is observe. 

Besides the context, you also need to take into consideration your dog’s personality. Just like humans, dogs are different too. The same action doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. Besides that, some breeds naturally make more sounds than others. 

By paying close attention to your dog’s needs, you will be able to help him solve any problem he may be dealing with.