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Are Rawhide Bones Safe For Dogs

When it comes to dog chewing topics, these questions are asked all the time: Are rawhide bones safe for dogs? Do rawhide bones go bad? Are rawhide bones bad for puppies? What is rawhide made of? Are there rawhide alternatives for dogs?

Just keep reading. We’ll answer all these questions.

What Is Rawhide Made Of

First things first, what is rawhide made of?

The rawhide refers to the soft, inner layer of skin. Most times, it’s made from cows. Naturally, you can make it from almost any livestock.

Rawhide can be made from many various animals. Sometimes cows, sheep, and even buffalos. It all depends on the region. 

Usually, the top part is tanned. From it, various leather products are made. The inner part, though, makes an excellent treat for dogs. 

Rawhide Bones Benefits

Now, let’s answer the question: what are the rawhide bones benefits?

Dogs love chewing. It comes as an instinct. Some of them will chew for as long as they can. Nibbling on treats can help them when it comes to anxiety. For puppies, rawhide bones can be an excellent solution. They will chew on it, instead of objects around the house. Now, your shoes will be safe!

Chewing also has other benefits. It will keep your dog’s teeth clean for once. Another advantage is that his jaw muscles will stay healthy. Chewing, on toys or rawhide, will prevent teeth buildup and plaque. 

All dogs love chewing. A tasty chewable treat is always a good idea. It can mold his behavior, so you won’t have to worry about your stuff being destroyed. 

And they will chew. Whenever given a chance.

Puppies use chewing to explore. They experience new tastes and textures. It also helps them in the teething periods. 

Adult dogs chew too. It’s part of their scavenging instincts. They like to play and keep their teeth clean. 

Sometimes, dogs will chew because they suffer from anxiety or stress. Other times, they want attention. Remember that negative attention still counts. Positively play with your dog to avoid this situation. 

Are Rawhide Bones Safe For Dogs?

This is the central question for this article: are rawhide bones safe for dogs?

Keep reading.

Keep in mind that rawhide alone is not dangerous. Although some dogs will try to eat them very fast. This can lead to inevitable accidents. A dog chewing too quickly may choke on a wrong-sized treat. Just because he can swallow it, it doesn’t mean he will digest it. This can harm their intestines or completely block them. 

It’s essential to check on the ingredients of rawhide. You need to make sure that what your dog is eating is safe. 

Some companies are not respecting all the guidelines. In this situation, rawhide may not be great for your dog. There is a process behind this. And the process involves chemicals. Some companies will thoroughly clean them. Others won’t. The high-quality rawhides will be cleaned after the operation. A poorly cleaned rawhide can pose specific adverse effects, such as:

  • Bacteria, if the manufacturing process is not proper.
  • Choking, if your dog is eating large pieces, or swallowing them.
  • Digestive issues, when your dog’s stomach is sensitive

Rawhide Bones For Puppies

We keep in mind our lovely puppies. You may be wondering: are rawhide bones safe for puppies?

The answer is: Yes. Puppies, too, can eat rawhide. 

Just make sure they are over six months old. Until them, their jaw muscles are not fully developed. Because of this, it may be impossible for them to eat.

Rawhide Alternatives For Dogs

The last question in this article is about rawhide alternatives for dogs.

Some vets will insist on natural alternatives. And we totally agree with this approach.

They are recommending to avoid certain products. Some can break your pup’s teeth—those made out of bone, hard plastic, or antlers.