What do I need to do to train my pet “to go” on the grass?

Naturally, your pet will be drawn to the grass and want “to go” here. It won’t take much effort on your part. Your pets are creatures of nature and their instincts tell them to go on grass. Although, if you are having trouble potty training, you can follow the tips below in the suggested order until you have success! 

1. Remove all other previous potty training methods to avoid confusion.

2. Place your Patio Pet Life grass in one dedicated location so that they always know where to find it.  

3. Most importantly – stay consistent! Your pet will prefer this as a potty over all other alternatives. They just need to get used to the idea. Place them on the grass during their usual potty time and reward them when they go potty.

4. If you walk your pet on a leash to go potty, then walk your pet on a leash to the pet grass during their usual potty time.

5. If you have a friend with a pet, have them bring their pet over to go potty on the grass. This should make your pet want to mark their territory!

6. You can place their poop or a paper towel soaked with their urine onto the pet grass making it clear that this grass can be used as a potty and is not just a place to lounge on.

7. If your pet is having a hard time understanding that this can be used as a potty, then avoid allowing any toys or play time on the grass. 

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