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Patio Pet Life does an outstanding job taking care of their customers! We are so pleased with their products and highly endorse their services and products to all pet owners.

So far very pleased with Patio Pet Life Farm Fresh Pet Grass. FedEx took longer than it should have to deliver so when I opened the box the grass had yellowed a bit. However the next day it was greening up nicely and after three days all green. My puppy comes home tomorrow and hopefully He will be naturally attracted to it. Will update review then.

Absolutely amazing! It got here in one day and assembly was so Easy. Now one of my pups just went on the grass like it was nothing and the other I’m training still but 100000000% recommend this

Very impressed. Nice grass. Great quality. Most importantly great customer service. Ordering again.

Excellent service and products! Very professional staff and company! Included with our grass purchase were gloves, potty waste bags and a treat for our dog! We truly appreciate the staff and all they do!!

Would give five starts except that delivery was delayed a little and the dogs aren’t using it ☹️ So I’m disappointed in them!

This product is wonderful in my opinion. We moved into a house with no back yard, so the dogs were really struggling with “holding it”. We were able to place this product on a deck they have access to and they love it. Also, the customer service has been phenomenal! Highly recommend!!

I wish i could review it! I’m STILL waiting for delivery expected in FIVE days!

Lasted only 4 days, highly disappointed

Works as expected! Dogs are just starting to use it. Some are more excited than others. Grass arrived in rough shape though... mostly dead looking. I’m hoping that being out in the sunshine, it will perk up! Perhaps I missed instructions, but I HIGHLY recommend handling with rubber gloves. It’s super stinky coming right out of the box and I didn’t realize that the odor would stick on my hands! Yikes!

Hello, I planned to contact you today about the Tray-Large. I don’t like it because the grass does not fit down in it completely. I am disappointed that it is different from the previous one that was not as bulky. This one is also scratched on the inside. Love the grass - hate the tray.

Love this product.

The grass is amazing. It's nicer than the grass in our community. Delivery was super fast. We just unrolled it so the dogs have yet to use it but it looks like it will be irresistible to the dogs.

Our puppy, Moses, is LOVING his personal grass patch. We live in a condo in the heart of Seattle, so he does not have his own yard and the streets are super busy. This has been a great option and the two orders of grass we’ve received have been very healthy and lasted longer than expected. I did alter the tray that we ordered to go with the grass patch because it doesn’t allow for drainage—which makes sense if you’re using it indoors or somewhere you’d not want it to drain—but we have ours outdoors and in Seattle, well, it rains. So I drilled a couple of holes so our grass patch doesn’t drown :) Works like a charm!

The fur babies love it!

My puppy loved this thing, grass is very nice, high quality, and as soon as a put in a corner of the grass in the container, Moon was already peeing on it, amazing. I was using dog pads before. Puppy is Samoyed Chow, 4 months. Works Great. Loving it. Nice container too, I got the large one. Brandi

fresh and so convenient


We just received our third mini yard for my dog. Love the ability to put her on the balcony instead of having to walk her across the street late at night.

I have tried multiple competitors, and Patio Pet Life is the best! They are so helpful if there are ever any problems, and the quality of grass is far superior. Can't imagine apartment living for my dog without this grass on my patio.Game changer!

Love my Patio Pet. I ordered the large. Still working on training but I know it’s going to make life easier for my older, blind dog and for my busy family.

What a wonderful quality product! Love the convenience of having an auto-subscription so I can save time and my dog always has a nice green place to take care of her business.

though I have been relatively successful with housebreaking, I work from home with a 5 month Doberman/Shepard so the usual crate training method of leaving her in a crate for 6 hours a day while I'm at work doesn't work (If I'm there all day) This said, Living in a condo with a patio, it is not convenient to take her out 6 times daily on "my clock." by incorporating a doggie door insert into my sliding glass patio door along with the large fam fresh pet grass, my pup gets to come and go as she pleases like a normal dog, AND, since the size is so large, I was able to cut a section off to place in another area of the patio so she has a separate area to try and dig and rest in after she's all tuckered out.....Thank Goodness its compact and doesn't shred too easily. Since I'm local, I'd like to see if you have a storefront to see if I might get some ideas to create a more multifunctional environment in the space I have available for her during the time she is confined to the home patio area.