Consider Making Your Workplace Pet-Friendly

Consider Making Your Workplace Pet-Friendly


Having a pet is great for mental health. Many workplaces allow employees to bring their pets with them to work, and this common practice offers numerous benefits. If you want to boost your company's productivity, you may want to consider opening up the workplace to pets. Here's what you need to know about having a pet-friendly workplace.


Benefits of Having a Pet-Friendly Workplace

One study shows that only 7% of businesses allow employees to bring pets to work, but this trend is on the rise. Many desirable candidates value the ability to spend more time with their pets by bringing them to work, so having a comprehensive benefits package that includes a good pet policy is a great way to attract talent to your company. Make sure you have perks such as paid vacation time and personal days in addition to your pet policy.


Allowing your employees to bring their pets to work is an easy way to boost the morale of your company. Many people love animals, so having the opportunity to interact with them throughout the day is a huge perk. Having animals around has also been shown to reduce stress so that employees can focus on growing your business rather than how much stress they are under. By creating a company atmosphere that employees are happy with, you also improve your company's image so that it has a better reputation among the public. A better reputation means more sales, so opening up your workplace to pets can be a great way to boost your bottom line and increase productivity. Make sure, however, that the workplace is properly set up for pets.


Logistics of Having a Pet-Friendly Workplace

You must have rules about your pet policy at work. One good rule to have is that only well-groomed pets are allowed to come to work. Employees will be less distracted by pets that have good hygiene, and well-groomed pets are less likely to spread diseases. You should also require employees to show proof of vaccination for the pets they bring to work so that all animals are safe in the building.


You must be transparent about all rules regarding bringing pets to work and be willing to discuss any issues your employees have with your current policy and make adjustments as necessary. Carefully pet-proof the workplace so that your employees feel comfortable letting their pets run free instead of having to watch them constantly.


Products for a Pet-Friendly Workplace

Having a variety of pet products in your workplace is a good way to make the environment suitable for animals. For example, you can invest in patio grass where dogs can relieve themselves instead of having to go on walks throughout the day. You can also keep a supply of toys and leashes on hand so that your employees can keep their pets entertained while they work. Finally, having a place for your animals to lay out of the way of your employees means that they will stay comfortable and will not distract your workers.


Having a pet-friendly workplace attracts new employees to your business, but it is important to be prepared to have animals in your place of employment. Purchase pet-related products to keep the animals happy while your employees work. This arrangement keeps everyone in the office happy and boosts company morale while improving productivity.


Written By: Shelly Bowling