Is Canned Chicken Good For My Dog?

Feeding your healthy dog food is your responsibility as its owner. You need to ensure that your dog has access to good food and water at all times.

Failure to do so could result in numerous health issues in dogs, similar to what happens to humans. 

There are plenty of dog food options for your furry friend. Canned dog food is a popular option among many dog owners. 

There are different types of canned meat that you can give your dog. In this post, we will answer the question, ‘is canned chicken good for my dog?’. You will also learn more about other canned foods you can give your dog.

Is Canned Chicken Good For My Dog?

Canned chicken is delicious, and many dogs love to eat it. Dog owners also prefer canned chicken due to its convenience and affordability.

You can easily open the canned chicken and give it to your dog to eat. It is also an excellent option to consider when traveling with your dog.

Chicken is a staple in a dog’s diet, so giving canned chicken to your dog is okay. However, you should not make it a daily habit because canned chicken contains excessive sodium. 

Consuming too much salt is not suitable for your dog. One thing you can do is choose canned chicken with low-sodium content to be on the safe side.

Side Effects Of Eating Foods With High Sodium Content

Consuming excessive sodium could have adverse effects on your dog. Dogs don’t handle sodium diets very well. Canned meats, including canned chicken, typically have high sodium content.

Your dog’s sensitive digestive system cannot digest food with high sodium content. Consuming excessive sodium will lead to too many trips to the bathroom.

Not only that, but too much sodium could also cause your dog’s stomach poisoning. Some other side effects of excessive sodium include diarrhea, vomiting, and seizure.

Now that you know of the harmful effect of excessive sodium on your dog’s diet, you need to avoid giving canned chicken daily.

The Best-Canned Chicken For Dogs

The best-canned chicken to feed your dog would contain as little sodium as possible. Transfer the chicken into a strainer and run water over it to get rid of excess salt. Feeding chicken straight out of the can is not the best option.

It is an excellent way to retain the taste and nutrition of the chicken while getting rid of excess salt. Rinsing the canned chicken will not completely wash away its flavor. 

Although rinsing reduces salt, the canned chicken will still have some salt. Therefore, you shouldn’t be feeding it to your dog daily. 

You can also use this as a treat when playing indoor dog games such as the shell game or interactive puzzles. These games are beneficial for mental stimulation in dogs.

How Much-Canned Chicken Can You Feed A Dog?

Moderation is key when feeding your dog canned food. When giving your dog canned chicken, start with a small amount. Gradually increase the amount of canned chicken you feed your dog.

The amount of canned chicken you should add to the diet will depend on what your dog is digesting, from kibble to other foods.

One important thing to note is that canned chicken should not exceed 10% of your dog’s calorie intake. You can refer to the internet to calculate your dog's daily calories.

Many vets have given recommendations and discussed this point. You can also refer to your vet for more information on this. 

You can calculate the amount of canned food allowed in your dog’s diet based on this amount. It is advisable not to exceed this amount as it could be harmful to your dog due to its excess sodium.

Which Is Better: Chicken Breasts Or Chicken Chunks?

Dogs often eat chicken in most kibble brands. So, it is an excellent choice to feed your dog canned chicken or homemade chicken breasts or chunks to add more protein to its diet.

If you are wary of feeding chicken with high salt content, you can cook chicken for your dog. You can give chicken breasts or chunks, as both are great choices. You can even feed your dog chicken thighs or leftover chicken.

Make sure not to add salt, seasonings, butter, oil, and sauces to the chicken when preparing it for your dog. These ingredients can cause your dog to have an upset stomach. It is especially prominent in dogs who are more sensitive to oils and fats.

What Other Canned Meats Can Dogs Eat?

If you are unable to get canned chicken, there are several other canned food options that you can give your dog. These canned foods are also dog-friendly as they are high in proteins and low in carbohydrates.

Here are a few options that you could give your dog.

Canned fish or tuna

Canned fish or tuna is rich in omega 3-fatty acids and contains lean protein. Make sure to give your dog canned fish or tuna in water, not the ones that come in oil. You need to rinse the canned fish, to remove excess salt before giving it to your dog.

Canned turkey

Is also another excellent food to serve your dog. Give a few scraps of plain unseasoned turkey that is delicious and high in protein. Remember to rinse it to wash away excess salt.

Which Is Better For Dogs: Turkey Or Chicken?

The two main types of canned food for dogs are chicken and turkey. Dog owners often wonder which one is better to feed their dogs.

Both chicken and turkey are excellent canned food options for your dog as they are high in protein. Ground turkey is leaner than ground chicken, but chicken has a higher protein content. 

However, each dog has different taste buds, and you also need to consider if they have any allergies before giving them any food.

 Older dogs are at more risk of developing food allergies because their bodies cannot digest proteins like before.

Older dogs have commonly developed chicken allergies, which means that turkey is suitable for all ages. It is due to its high protein and fat content and a lower calorific value compared to chicken for older dogs.

Introduce any canned food gradually to your dog. Also, always check the ingredients to ensure your dog is not allergic to anything.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken Soup And Broth?

Canned chicken soup is unhealthy for dogs because it contains too much salt, garlic, and onion powder. So, you should not give it to your dog.

The best option is for you to make chicken soup at home for your dog, using raw or canned chicken. Then you know that you are using only safe ingredients for your dog.

You can feed your dog chicken broth as it is based on bone collagen, which is excellent for your dog’s joints. It is also tasty, so your dog will enjoy having it, so you don’t have to force it to consume it.

However, since it is canned, you need to give it only a tiny amount as they cannot overeat it. A better option is to make chicken broth at home with potatoes and carrots.

Should You Feed Canned Chicken For A Dog With An Upset Stomach?

Dogs also get upset stomachs as humans do. Homemade chicken soup can help with stomach problems.

Chicken contains beneficial vitamins, minerals, and acids that can help relieve stomach pain in dogs. You can use canned chicken when preparing homemade chicken soup for your dog.

Healthy Foods For Dogs

You must feed your dog only healthy foods. Giving unhealthy foods that are not recommended for dogs can cause various problems. 

Here are some healthy foods that you can give your dog.

White rice

Rice is a great food to give your dog. The healthiest option is to serve plain white rice without any seasoning. It’s better to stick to white rice than give your dog brown because a dog’s digestive system can process white rice better.

Check the ingredients list to ensure that it doesn’t harm your dog. Avoid giving it to your dog if there is onion or garlic powder.

Canned pumpkin

Is also a healthy food to give your dog. Pumpkins are high in fiber, which benefits your dog’s digestive system. Pumpkin has much-needed nutrients that your dog needs.

Peanut butter

Is also a dog-friendly convenient snack that is also delicious. Most dog biscuits contain peanut butter, which gives them a good taste. 

Make sure that any peanut butter product you give your dog does not contain xylitol, a harmful ingredient.

A better option is to give your dog organic and unsalted peanut butter.

Final Thoughts

Canned chicken is good for dogs if you rinse it to reduce sodium. Also, you shouldn’t feed it to your dog daily. Canned chicken is rich in proteins which is beneficial to your dog.

There are so many other options, such as chicken broth, canned fish, canned turkey, plain white rice, canned pumpkin, and peanut butter, that you can feed your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Canned Meats Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs can eat canned fish, tuna, turkey, and chicken.

Does Rinsing Canned Chicken Reduce The Sodium?

Yes, rinsing canned chicken significantly reduces the sodium content. However, it doesn’t completely wash away all of the salt content in the canned chicken.

Is It Okay To Give Your Dog Canned Food Every Day?

You should not give your dog canned food every day because of its high sodium content.