Each year, beginning with approximately the months of June through September, we begin to see the heat impact the quality of the Large Grass in most areas of the mid-west and East Coast due to high temperatures in transit. We suggest to new customers in these areas to order a Small Grass only or if a Large Grass is needed, wait to try this product until the Fall. 


To any returning customers or current customers in this area of the country, we advise that if you normally order or receive a Large Grass, to temporarily switch to a Small Grass that ships flat with air holes and survives the transit in the heat much more successfully. If this size does not work for you, we suggest to then pause your subscription until Fall.


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.



Patio Pet Life

Our Grass

Many pet potty systems use artificial turf which can be difficult to clean and smelly, or potty pads that need to be changed frequently and are harder to contain urine. Real grass reduces odor, absorbs liquid and is very easy to train your dog to go potty here as they are instinctually drawn to real grass.

Grown locally in Southern California, our hydroponically grown grass is soilless and 50% lighter than traditional grass with more absorption and odor control.

You don't need to do a thing! Although, you may lightly water the grass in warm weather months to lengthen the lifespan.

Getting Set Up

We offer two sizes: Small (2'x2') and Large (2'x4'). We recommend the Large Grass Potty for medium to large breeds (25+ lbs) and the Small Grass Potty for small breeds (less than 25 lbs).

Our Large Grass Potty comes rolled in a box. Open immediately as this is a perishable item. Simply remove it from the box and roll it out into our Large Custom Tray. Toss into your green waste or garbage when it is time to replace it.

Our Small Grass Potty comes in a fully disposable wax lined box for a quick and easy set up and removal. Open immediately as this is a perishable item. Stack the lid underneath for an extra layer of protection. Toss the entire unit into the garbage when you are done! For a nicer look, our Small Custom Tray is also available for this size.

Training Tips

Naturally, your pet will instinctually be drawn to go potty on our real grass. It won't take much effort on your part! Just show them where it is and be sure to bring them to it during their normal potty times. Although if you are having any trouble getting them to catch on, you can follow the tips below in the suggested order to achieve success!

1. Remove all other previous potty training methods, if any, to avoid confusion and only allow them to go on grass while on walks.

2. Place your Grass Potty in one dedicated location so that they always know where to find it.

3. Most importantly - stay consistent! Place them on the grass during their usual potty time and reward them when they go potty.

4. If you walk your dog on a leash to go potty outdoors, try also walking your dog on a leash to the Grass Potty.

5. If you have a friend with a dog, have them bring their dog over to go potty on the grass. Naturally, dogs are territorial and will want to mark their territory.

6. If they don't go on the grass, place their poop or a paper towel soaked with their urine on the Grass Potty sending the message that this is where they need to go.

7. Be sure not to allow any toys or lounge time on the grass if they are still confused what it's there for.

Shipping & Delivery

The United States (excluding Alaska)

We ship every Tuesday-Friday via UPS. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. West Coast orders generally take 1-2 business days and East Coast orders take 3-5 business days. Open immediately as this is a perishable item.

Grass is not harvested in the rain or shortly afterwards if it is still too wet. If rain delays your order from being shipped, you will be notified. Although being that our grass is grown in California, this will not happen often.

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