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Custom Tray - Small

Custom Tray - Small

Custom Tray - Small


Customized to fit our Small potty grass, our tray is lightweight, durable, UV protected and raised off the ground for easy cleaning. For indoor and outdoor use. Made in California. Size: 25" x 25"

Patent Pending.


Customer Reviews

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Excellent service and products! Very professional staff and company! Included with our grass purchase were gloves, potty waste bags and a treat for our dog! We truly appreciate the staff and all they do!!


Received my first order today. It arrived fast as order was placed on Monday, so only 4 days. I did not receive poop bag or treat as website states is included with each order. Not a big deal, just a bit disappointed. Grass is very thick but was surprised at amount of soil and it's weight.  I really like the tray, much sturdier than I expected. My pup will arrive soon so hope he will take to it as I think he will. Happy with this so far.


I would have rated 5 if the grass hadn’t been dried out. I understand it was due the winds and dry weather but I was still a disappointed. I thought it was going to look all lovely and green

Best pet grass!

This is the best pet grass you can buy! I have tried them all, they don't compare. This is lush, green and doesn't smell like dirt, love it! Plus customer device is great!!!


Personally, I enjoyed being able to put my feet on the grass instead of my hot patio while relaxing in my adirondack chair......but I think my cat, who has recently had to give up her grass yard, would give it 2 stars. She wasn't interested in it but I'm not sure her old lady kitty opinion matters.

Better Value

I use to use another company and their patch was so small. This size is much more accommodating and better pricing for a larger small size.

Works well enough

The grass patch works well enough, and it is definitely a less smelly (though more expensive) option than the faux grass I was using before. My two biggest complaints are that (1) the accompanying "perk" baggie (i.e., treat and roll of poop bags) is packaged in a canvas-type material that always arrives covered in mold, which I end up throwing away immediately, and (2) the grass patch dries out in 2 weeks. It is cost prohibitive to replace the patch bi-weekly, so my dog ends up using dried out, brown grass half the time. That said, she took to it right away and I like the fact that it entirely absorbs the odor, even to the end of the 4 weeks. So overall not the best product in every respect, but good enough that I will probably continue to use it unless/until a better option comes along.

Terrific Service

Great product best customer service!