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Custom Tray - Large

Custom Tray - Large

Custom Tray - Large


Customized to fit our Large potty grass, our tray is lightweight, durable, UV protected and raised off the ground for easy cleaning. For indoor and outdoor use. Made in California. Size: 25" x 49" 

Patent Pending.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely amazing! It got here in one day and assembly was so Easy. Now one of my pups just went on the grass like it was nothing and the other I’m training still but 100000000% recommend this


Hello, I planned to contact you today about the Tray-Large. I don’t like it because the grass does not fit down in it completely. I am disappointed that it is different from the previous one that was not as bulky. This one is also scratched on the inside. Love the grass - hate the tray.


I like the tray, it works well now for us. We use our system outside and had a problem with standing water after it rained. We ended up putting 8 holes in the tray for drainage and it works great now. Our Shih Tzu now uses the grass regularly.


This is a great system. 5 stars for the product. If I could just get my dog to use it more consistently!


I live on the 5th floor and it saved me from going up and down more than 3 times a day. Thank God, I came across Patio Pet Life on Instagram. Read up and looked at reviews. Compared the cost using pads and having to change them every time they were used. Made the decision to give it a try...best decision ever made! My two doxies love it. They’ll sit there and look at me like, do I have to come in now. I was using the artificial grass. Not happy when it attracted flies and the odor was horrible. Used pee pads and were going through them like money in my wallet. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea!

Best pet grass!

This is the best pet grass you can buy! I have tried them all, they don't compare. This is lush, green and doesn't smell like dirt, love it! Plus customer device is great!!!

Terrific Service

Great product best customer service!

Very pleased

I live in the desert, on the 3rd floor apt. This saves us going up and down in the heat. My dog just lies down on it for coolness. We are spreading the word!