Top Male Dog Names

Top Male Dog Names

Choosing a name for your dog is a very thoughtful process. In fact, your dog’s name is very important throughout his life. Because once he recognizes it as his own, there will be no changing it.

Your little furry bestie might be the most intelligent in the world but he’s still a dog with a limited memory capacity. This is why when choosing a name for him, you need to make sure he will be able to understand it clearly.

The name is also essential to the dog’s training, so you need to make sure he can respond to it so that he will be able to obey your orders and commands in the future. Besides, choosing a simple clear name will also help you pronounce it easily because you’ll be calling the name out for years!

But just like baby names, dog names also get outdated. You never meet a baby named ‘Edith’ nowadays. And male dog names also come in trends. This is why we’ve gathered some of the most popular and easy to pronounce names for you to choose from : 

  1. Max
  2. Rocky
  3. Buddy
  4. Cooper
  5. Chester
  6. Bruno
  7. Teddy
  8. Ollie
  9. Toby
  10. Finn
  11. Thor 

According to the Breed of Dog

If the names presented above don’t appeal to you so much or if you’re looking for something that relates more to your dog, you should consider naming him according to his breed.

For example, it would be interesting to give a German name for a German Shepherd. But it can go beyond just that. If you have a Doberman for example, choosing a cute name would be a bit disconcerting for your tough little guy. So make sure to think of a name that will go with your dog’s personality as well as his breed and size.

Another important thing to note is the L.O.F registration if your dog is from a French breed. In this case, you should make sure to look into your dog’s origin and heritage. If he’s a descendent of a listed ancestor and validated by the French Kennel Club (SCC), you will have to choose a name that starts in a letter according to his birth year.

Here are some of the most popular : 

  1. Samson
  2. Scrappy
  3. Spike
  4. Scooby
  5. Spencer
  6. Simon
  7. Skippy
  8. Stewie

The Meaning of Your Dog's First Name

Your dog’s name is for life. So while you should make sure it’s clear and efficient, you should also think of something meaningful to you and your dog. It can be the name of your favorite place shortened to your liking, your favorite movie, or even your favorite color!

Names are all around us. And nothing is stopping you from naming your dog ‘Yellow’ or even ‘Peanut’.

Manly Dog Names

Is your dog powerful? If so, you’ll probably want to choose a really badass name to match his mighty attitude. Even if you don’t have a tough dog, every dog wants to be the alpha sometimes. So why not assert that identity with a manly name?

Here are some of our best picks for the coolest and most badass names : 

  1. Rocky
  2. Leo
  3. Zeus
  4. Brick
  5. Rocco
  6. Spike
  7. Aries
  8. Mayhem
  9. Rambo
  10. Hercules
  11. Pyro
  12. Gus

You can choose from a wide variety of names available or you can come up with a new unique name just for your dog. You can choose a meaningful name for your four-legged little friend or you can choose the name based on convenience and ease of use alone.

Whatever you end up choosing, just know that what matters most is that you and your dog are both happy and comfortable.