Accidents happen. Especially with dogs new to your household (or if you move). That’s okay.

We can train our dogs to avoid accidents, but they happen. It’s important to have the most eco-friendly methods that are healthy for you, healthy for your dog, and healthy for the environment.

Method #1: Vinegar, Paper Towels, and Baking Soda

Your grandmother probably told you that vinegar is the key ingredient to everything. She’s partially right. Vinegar is one of those substances that just works. For a urine or fecal mistake on the carpet, use the following recipe: One part vinegar, one part water.

First, pat the area down with paper towels (as soon as possible) to remove the topical urine stain. Then, simply wet the area with the vinegar solution and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Again, pat dry with a paper towel (that’s soaked in water). When carpet is dry, pour baking soda over the area and vacuum. Goodbye pet urine stains!

Method #2: Prevention

If you’re pre-potty training, and you don’t want to hassle with cleaning up after every accident, there are some preventative measures you can use to eliminate your dog’s urge to urinate on a certain area.

An easy no-cost way to teach your dog to not pee in the house (whether it’s marking or urinating) is to catch him! Use some sort of disrupter, like an empty bottle of water with pennies in it, to sound the alarm if your little guy tries to mark his territory in your house. When potty training, paying very close attention to your pup is critical to making it work.