Summer is in full swing and the temperature will soar for the next few months. Just like people, pets can become overheated and dehydrated when it gets warm.  But, unlike people, Fido can’t adjust the air conditioner.   Here's how to keep your furry friend happy and comfortable, without blasting the AC all day

Avoid concrete and asphalt

Sidewalks and roads trap heat that can easily burn sensitive paws. As an easy test, place the back of your hand on the walking surface.  If it’s too hot to keep your hand there for at least five seconds, the surface isn’t safe for your pet to walk on. 

Try to get your dog out for their morning walk before the streets start to sizzle. Once the sun starts to heat things up, it’s best to avoid concrete and asphalt. Unfortunately, that can make mid-day and afternoon walks tricky.  The beauty of Patio Pet Life is that pets can get a potty break at home without trotting across scorching streets.

Provide plenty of water

Do you find yourself grabbing a bottle of water every time you head out the door?  Hydration is key to staying cool for pets and people.  Dogs pant to lower their body temperature and, as they pant, water evaporates.  To replace that water, keep their bowl full at all times.  Be sure to have water on-the-go as well.  A collapsible dog bowl is perfect for stashing in a bag for summertime outings.

Make staying cool fun

Hot summer days may mean fewer walks, less outings and more time spent indoors or on a shady patio. To keep your pet happy and active, turn staying cool into a game.  A plastic kiddie pool is perfect for splashing.  You can also freeze treats inside ice cubes as a yummy way to encourage hydration.