Nothing's quite as frustrating to pet parents as having a fully housebroken pet go back to pottying in the house. If your dog is having toilet training issues, here are some things to look at, as well as what you can do to fix the problem.

 1. Check for Underlying Health Issues

First, schedule an appointment with your vet to rule out any underlying health concerns. Kidney or bladder infections and other diseases, like Cushing's, can cause a pup to loose control over toileting functions. Before you start training again, rule out any conditions that could be causing the problem. Keep in mind that dogs potty needs may change as they age, so be patient if your dog is a senior.

 2. Consider Separation Anxieties

 Are you leaving your pet alone for extended periods of time? A pet that has separation anxiety can have potty troubles. A couple of solutions to this include coming home on your lunch break to play or scheduling someone to visit your dog during the day.

 3. Think About Changes

Have any major changes taken place in the household? A move, a new baby, someone leaving home or even a major remodel can introduce new smells and routines that cause the dog to forget the right potty behaviors. This can require a period of re-training to get things back on track.

 4. Consider Re-Training

If everything else checks out and is not a cause for the problem, then it may be that your dog has simply forgotten his potty manners. A period of training, just like you did when he was a puppy, can get him back on track.


To re-train your pet, use the same steps you did when he was a pup. Take him outside after eating and drinking, provide praise and a treat every time he potties where you want, and use the same area each time. This can be a great time to introduce Patio Pet Life's pet grass and trays for your patio or indoors for those not so convenient times for a walk. By providing a comfortable, consistent natural place for their potty needs, you will encourage the right behavior and get your pet back on track in no time.