Maintaining your dog’s hygiene is a critical task for your dog’s longevity. But, it can become burdensome if your dog is extra active, extra hairy, or you live in an environment with lots of wetness. So, it makes sense to hire out your dog’s hygiene, but where to look?

Hiring out your dog’s hygiene maintenance is scary. Who wants to put bathing, nail trimming, and cleaning everything up in the hands of someone else? What if that person uses the wrong kind of soap? What if your dog gets injured? It’s a scary proposition, but thankfully, there are professionals everywhere who specialize in just that.

Start with your Vet

Your veterinarian is the first person whom you should consult with when considering hiring out your dog’s hygiene. Your vet likely has the capacity to give your dog a good washing, trim your pup’s nails, and give you the tools you need to bathe your dog at home and clean your dog’s toys. Your vet is also the best person to use for a referral; she knows the main people in the industry in your town, so why not ask for a referral from her? You already trust your vet with your pup’s life, what’s another small doggy task?

Read the Reviews

Large pet stores like PetSmart provide many of the dog hygiene services that we suggest you to do. Big box stores are great for big box-style services. If you want to go more local, there’s apps like Rover that connect you with individual dog lovers who are interested in providing hygiene services for your pup.

Don’t skimp on quality products

The quality of the products you use (or have someone else use) to perform your dog’s hygiene maintenance is critical. Use poor products, get poor results. Make sure you’re always on the lookout for high-quality, highly rated products that are free from harmful chemicals and created especially for use on dogs. At Patio Pet Life, we’ve created farm fresh, hydroponically grown, lightweight pet grass that is biodegradable and can be delivered on the frequency of your choice! This artificial turf alternative is a lot safer than turf, and it will keep your pup happy and healthy for years to come!