Training yourself to potty train your dog can be frustrating. This article teaches you how train more easily.


The first step of potty training is to buy a set of bells. There are many  to choose from, and there aren’t any wrong choices. A bell is a bell. Next, since you’re already on a schedule, your dog knows when it needs to go out. Maybe you’re lucky, and your pup starts going to the door around that time!


So, it’s time to shape your dog’s behavior surrounding going to the door around potty time. You start by introducing the dog to the bells on the door. The dog is likely to at least look at the bell, if not sniff or touch it. When the dog approaches the bell in some capacity, it’s time to reward the dog. This reward will be dependent on your other training. It could be by opening the door and letting the dog outside, grabbing the leash to take the dog outside, or by giving the dog a treat or toy right outside the door.


Next, it’s time to do it again. Don’t spend more than 10 minutes a day teaching your dog as its capacity of learning is limited. It could take as few as one or two repetitions or as many as ten to twelve before your dog learns to associate the bell with going outside.


PROTIP: Some dogs are more “paw-oriented,” so using pawing for the bells might be more effective than using noses. Whichever your dog prefers is the one to use to make the training easier.


This is a very gradual process, so patience is critical. For example, if your dog is just looking at the bell without doing anything, be sure to reward the dog any time it inches closer to the bell, until the dog starts using the bell.


Be patient with your pup during potty time. At first, the dog will equate ringing the bell with simply going outside. And that’s okay! You want the dog to ring the bell any time that it wants to go outside. Praise your pup and take it out. Eventually, you’ll want to distinguish between ringing the bell to go out and ringing the bell to go potty.


The key here is to maintain a consistent potty schedule and provide an incredible amount of praise when the dog uses the restroom outside. Importantly, the dog will then understand that going outside to go potty is the reason to ring the bell, not just to go outside. Eventually, you can take away the praise and treats, and the reward will simply be going to the bathroom.


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