Potty training is the most frustrating part of dog ownership. This article teaches you how to make it easier.

We must give our pooches a way to tell us when they need to go to the bathroom. Children can tell us through gestures and noises, but dogs can only do what we train them to. There are three major things to consider when teaching your dog how to tell you when it needs to go. They are: 1) the schedule, 2) the cue, and (in the next post) 3) your training.


First, your dog needs a schedule. You should feed and walk the pup at the same time everyday. Dogs rely on schedules to avoid accidents. The schedule also creates a foundation for the dog to tell you when to go out.

The Cue

There are a few major options to choose from when considering the cue that tells you when your pup needs to go out:

  • Sitting at the door
  • Barking at the door
  • Barking at you
  • Ringing a bell (or equivalent)


If you don’t like barking and aren’t always around the door, ringing a bell is probably the best choice for you. Barking can be confusing because it’s generally considered a negative behavior, and there are many reasons that dogs bark by the door (e.g., mailman) that might confuse both you and the pup. Similarly, sitting at the door is quiet and convenient, but your dog might just like sitting by the door, so this can be equally confusing.


Regardless of what you choose, the training required to teach each of these is similar enough that it applies across the board. Remember to pick a cue and stick to it; your dog will have a very difficult time learning new cue.

And if you live in an apartment, this might be inconvenient. Who wants to walk up and down stairs just to let the dog go potty? That’s why, we at Patio Pet Life created farm fresh, hydroponically grown, lightweight petgrass that is biodegradable and you can train her in any space!