When you leave for work and leave your dog at home, do you feel like you're setting a time bomb? Are you leaving with trepidation that you will come home to who-knows-what kind of mess? If so, then here are some ideas to help keep your pet entertained while you're away.

1. Tire Him Out

If your schedule allows, have your walk, run or playtime in the morning before you leave. A tired dog is far less likely to get into serious trouble while you're gone. Most likely he'll just sleep!

2. Engage His Brain Treat Toys
Naughty dogs are often bored dogs, so find a way to engage your dog's brain with frozen treats. Take some of her favorite treats or dry dog food and place them in a bowl with chicken broth. Freeze the entire thing, then leave it out for your dog while you are gone. The dog will be able to smell the treat and will be encouraged to lick, chew and play with the ice to make it melt faster. This will keep his brain engaged while also providing him something to munch on while you're gone. You can also purchase toy-dispensing treats, like the Kong, for less mess.

3. Create a Busy Bucket

If you don't have a treat-dispensing toy or don't want your dog to have too many treats while you're gone, consider making a busy bucket. Grab a sturdy plastic or aluminum pail and put some treats in the bottom. Top this with your dog's favorite toys, and stuff a hand towel around it to keep everything tight. Layer like this for several layers until the bucket is full, and put a chew toy or treat on top. Your dog will spend time searching through the pail for treats and toys.

Remember, in addition to these activities, you'll need to give your pet a place to go to the bathroom while you're gone. Bringing your Patio Pet Life pet grass inside provides for this need in a safe, sanitary way. With a safe potty spot and plenty of engaging toys, your dog will have no reason to be bored.