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How long can a dog go without water? Once in a while, this question pops up. For how long can a dog stay without water? The answer is not a fixed one. It can change depending on many aspects. The dog's breed, health conditions, and genetics. Dogs are just like humans. They can die if they are left without water for more than three days. If your dog already has a kidney condition, he can severely suffer after 12 hours.

The maximum period a dog can go without water is for three days. It is not recommended though to keep your dog without water for more than 12 hours. It can lead to severe dehydration and terrible consequences.

Needless to say, it's worse to keep your dog without water in the summer. The high temperature is a critical factor for dehydration.

Your dog should always have access to water at all times. Make sure his water bowl is in a shaded area if outside. Always fill it with fresh water. If you can't supervise your dog at all times, make sure his bowl can not be spilled. His entire crate may get wet and uncomfortable, and he will be left without water until you come back. You can buy an automatic waterer for your puppy and keep everything as safe as possible.

As a general rule, a dog should drink one ounce of water for every two pounds of weight. This being said, your 6 pound Yorkshire Terrier should drink at least 3 ounces of water every day.

It's possible that your dog will refuse to drink water. If this happens, you should find why this is happening and fix it. This kind of action may be life-threatening.

As a responsible owner, you should learn to recognize dehydration. As soon as you notice one of them, you should act and help him. Most common warning signs are:

Changes in appetite - dehydration can make it hard for our dogs to eat correctly. Keep track of all your dog's eating patterns. If you notice something odd, take him to the vet.

Lethargy - your dog may look a lot less active or refusing to play. You should start asking yourself if something happened. There can be many causes for lethargy, including dehydration. Combined with other symptoms, lethargy should be investigated.

Unusual breathing - naturally, dogs can't sweat. But if you notice your dog is panting, then you should see if he is thirsty or very hot.

Dry and hot nose - the common beliefs say that a dog's nose should be wet and cold at all times. If it's not, then you should look for a reason. He may be thirsty, hot, or dealing with a fever.

Sunken eyes - this is a huge reason for concern. It's directly linked to dehydration. It would be best if you got him checked out as soon as possible.

Sadness - dogs too can be depressed. He may be dealing with separation anxiety or dehydration. Keep an eye on him and check if he's less active than usual. If he doesn't want to play as often with his favorite toys, take him for a check-up.

How long can a dog go without water? - Conclusion
As mentioned above, dogs can go for three days without water, but you should never wait that long. Hydration is vital for every living being! Dogs, cats, and humans. And when we're talking about puppies, it's mandatory.

Sometimes our dogs go through something without noticing, and it can lead to sad scenarios. There should be a lot of communication and trust between a man and his dog. This will help avoid health conditions like dehydration.