Holidaying With Dogs

Holidaying With Dogs - No More Worries!

Going on vacations is fun. But it's a very different matter for dog owners.

When you go on a trip, especially a long one, you sometimes have to leave your dog behind. And that doesn't sound amazing.

Especially if your dog is your emotional support animal, you, as a dog owner, might be interested in taking your animal with you on your holiday.

You no longer have to feel bad about leaving your dog with a friend or neighbor.

You don't even have to miss your dog.

Because you can have your fun vacation with your four-legged best friend right by your side, but before choosing a destination, make sure you research information on dog events and activities happening in the area. You'll also need to know about dog-friendly parks, beaches, and restaurants.

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

You don't want your dog just to be allowed in but to be appreciated. 

There are a lot of hotels that would allow dogs. But they're not necessarily pet-friendly. And they're not situated near any facility where you can have fun with your dog. 

To help you choose, we'll walk you through some of the highest-ranking dog-friendly hotels. These hotels provide special treats, amenities, and services for dogs.

Let's Start with The Jefferson. You won't have to settle for a lesser quality property just because it's pet friendly. At The Jefferson, you can get the full experience. It's the highest-ranked hotel in Washington DC and second in the USA. The Jefferson is one of the most welcoming dog-friendly hotels. It even has a dog ambassador called Lord Monticello. You're provided with a map of the nearest walking routes so you can hang out with your dog outdoors.

The Beverly Hills is a Los Angeles hotel that makes sure your dog is vacationing with you. They treat dogs with many amenities. This includes their own dog beds, bowls, toys, and treats. The hotel even provides customized bone-shaped cookies with your dog's name on it. Dog-walking and sitting services are also available all the time.

The Little Nell is also a charming hotel in Aspen, Colorado. It provides your animal with the necessary amenities for their stay. It also offers a dog menu and a special jet-lag-kit to help your little best friend adjust to the altitude of Aspen.

The Mark Hotel is a high ranking hotel in NYC you can enjoy with your dog. It's situated near Central Park so you can walk your dog and enjoy the green spaces. The dog service provides a unique dog bed, water bowl, placemat, and many delicious treats.

Next is the Ritz Carlton Hotel. It's situated in Laguna Niguel, which is one of the certified pet-friendly cities. It provides your dog with many appliances, so they feel welcomed. It even offers them a specific room service. Your dog will get their own dog beds, waste bag, and water bowls along with unique chew toys. The hotel celebrates the little fluffy friends with all year long festivities. This includes "Howlween" and a Christmas "Yappy Howliday". And you get to enjoy discounts for the spa and hotel outlets.

Airbnb Dog-Friendly Holiday

Platforms like Airbnb also include some pet-friendly properties within its vast range of offers.  This way, you can choose your accommodation according to your resources as well as your and your dog's needs. You can access this section easily. 

Airbnb has a special pet-friendly filter you can apply. It'll help you research quickly and generate some perfect dog-friendly holiday destinations all around the world. A lot of other booking sites like trip advisor will let you use this filter.

All that being said, you still want your dog to feel included in the vacation spirit. So whatever your destination of choice is, make sure you choose a well-equipped pet-friendly facility. And research all surrounding parks and events to holiday with your dog.