It's no secret that your pet helps you be happier and healthier. But, did you know that you and your pet can also work together to make a difference for others. From volunteering together to raising funds for worthy causes, here are a few ways your pet can help out in your community.

Animal-assisted therapy

For nursing home residents and hospital patients, a visit from a furry face can make all the difference, emotionally and physically. If your dog has a gentle temperament and is a star at social interactions, consider certifying them as a therapy animal. To learn more about the evaluation and training requirements for becoming a pet therapy team with your furry friend, contact an organization such as Pet Partners.

Give blood

If you have even donated blood, you know that it’s virtually pain free and the juice and cookie you get at the end is a nice treat.  But, did you know that dogs and cats can donate blood as well?  Just like in human healthcare, donated blood is used to treat animals with many injuries and illnesses.  Ask your veterinarian for a list of local pet blood banks.

Participate in a charity walk

Whether you are supporting breast cancer research or your local animal shelter, signing up for a charity 5K, fun run, walk is an excellent way to stay active with your pet while also raising much-needed funds and awareness for a worthy cause.  Most charity walks welcome pets, but be sure to find out first. There are also many race events specifically designed for pet participation. So, lace up your sneakers and put a tutu on your dog and get ready to hit the street for charity.

Provide a foster home

If you love the idea of another animal but aren’t ready to make a permanent commitment, consider becoming a foster pet parent.  Fostering an animal from a shelter provides socialization and helps them learn how to live in a home with another animal.  By providing this social experience will be helping to make an animal more adoptable and give them a better chance at a forever home. Plus, your own pet will have a temporary play mate.

Take up a collection

It’s tough to say no to a sweet furry face.  Leverage that aww-factor to raise funds or take up a collection of goods for your favorite charity.  Ask your friends and family to donate pet supplies for the local shelter, canned goods for a food pantry or funds for a worthy cause. Take your pet door to door and swap some puppy cuddles for the donations. 


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