At home or in someone else’s home, now that is the question. Whether it is nobler to keep your dog in the comfort of her shelter or to keep your sitter in comfort, there are many questions to consider.

Trusting the process

Finding a dog sitter is like interviewing someone for a job. You go through the whole process of the in-home meetings, the coffee meetings, the texting, asking for reviews and recommendations, seeing some on-the-job training, and then the last question: where do we sit? There are two options: your place or their place. After going through the entire interview process, wouldn’t it be the worst to have someone do something bad inside your own home? Or, would it be worse for something to happen in their home?

Simply, it’s better to reframe that thought process and instead look at the process. Trusting that you made the right choice in terms of dog care is more important than where the dog care occurs. The bigger consideration is not the human, it’s the location for the dog. If your pup has a really hard time away from home, then staying home might make sense. Similarly, if you’re worried about accidents or anything like that, it’s better to have an accident at your place then someone else’s.

Who to consider?

But you also have to consider the sitter’s comfort. If the sitter feels uncomfortable at your place, but your pup feels uncomfortable elsewhere, what do you do? In a bind, it might make sense to just appease the sitter, but do you really want something to happen outside of your home? Ideally, your dog’s sitting situation is dependent on your pup, and the human is the second consideration. But, life happens, and sometimes we have to consider what is most important for us. And at your house, there’s a good chance you have Patio Pet Life’s farm fresh, hydroponically grown, lightweight pet grass that is biodegradable and can be delivered on the frequency of your choice! This artificial turf alternative is a lot safer than turf, and it will keep your pup happy and healthy for years to come!