A comfy bed solves a lot of problems

A dog with a comfy bed is a happy dog. Whether it’s your bed or a dedicated dog bed, it’s best for you and your dog’s health to have a dedicated, comfortable sleeping spot for your pooch.

This article will discuss three options for dog beds. Option number one is a dedicated dog bed. Option number two is using a piece of furniture for your dog’s bed. Option number three, and our personal favorite, is having your dog sleep in your bed.

Option #1: Dedicated dog bed

Your dog and her bed. A match made in heaven. The biggest benefit of having a dedicated dog bed is the space that is only for the pup. Dogs are creatures of habit and creatures of comfort, just like humans. Our bed is ours, and we become instantly relaxed in our own space. Dogs are no different.

Dogs can retreat to their beds, knowing that they will not be bothered in that space. It has comfortable smells and feels. There are health benefits too! The dog is insulated in the warm, comfy bed, ensuring a good night’s sleep. Further, the softness of the bed ultimately helps with the dog’s posture and lengthens her active life. A hard floor is just as hard on dogs as it is on us.

Option #2: Furniture as bed

It’s really easy to put your dog on a couch or chair. These spaces often become our pet’s home when we are relaxing on the couch, eating dinner, or in our own bedrooms. With blankets and pillows, it’s very easy to make a piece of furniture a very nice dog bed.

The obvious drawback is the wear-and-tear on the furniture. The dog’s odor, hair, and immobility on a piece of furniture doesn’t help the piece last a long time. Thankfully, there are ways to limit the dog’s impact on furniture and still make it a comfortable bed for her. The easiest way is to use a washable cover for the furniture and pillow, and to use a washable blanket. These limits the impact on the fabric, and simply moving the pup will limit the indentations caused by sleeping.

Option #3: Your bed is their bed

While a lot of literature in the past indicated that having a dog in your bed was the worst way to get a lot of sleep, newer studies have shown that a dog in the bed actually has positive immune system and other health benefits. We have our dog in our bed nightly, and if you set it up right, it’s easy to maintain a dog-life balance for your bed.

Dogs (generally) love cuddling the comfort associated with their human’s bed is unmatched. Keeping the dog on top of the sheets at the foot of the bed is the best way to ensure that you get your sleep, they get their sleep, and you both can wake up well-rested and ready for the day. You’ll have to set rules for your pup when you want to do bedroom things, but it’s a win-win relationship to wake up in the morning to instant cuddling, excitement, and fun.

So what should you do? Dog beds are a requirement for a healthy, active pup. The bed you choose is a very personal decision, and there are pros and cons to each described. The best choice, that gives the dog comfort and space and you sanity is probably a dedicated dog bed.