Did you know that your pup has superpowers? In fact, your pup has at least six superpowers that you don’t have. It would be a dream to have any of these superpowers that your pup does.


Your pup’s sense of smell is incredible. It’s actually unbelievable. Try to hide your dog’s treat, a small one even, somewhere where you think the pup won’t find it. Get your pup excited for a treat and ask her to go get it. Give it two minutes, and your pup will be eating away. It’s incredible how amazing your dog’s sense of smell is. Coinciding with the sense of smell is your dog’s ability to SEE its own farts. Ever notice your dog fart, and then she immediately turns her head? You think, oh, she noticed her fart. Well, she actually SAW her fart. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty okay with not being able to see my farts.


Your pup can sense two different kinds of harm: natural disasters and illness. It’s well documented that dogs are used in “smelling” cancer. This doesn’t just apply to cancer. Ever wonder why your pup gets up all close to you and the next day you’re sick? Well, it’s because your dog can actually sense all illness in you. It’s an evolution that occurred only in man’s best friend, and it makes our pups invaluable to us and our health. Similarly, our dogs can sense natural disasters. Again, you can easily YouTube a pup reacting to an earthquake or a major storm before it happens. The same sensory system that senses illness senses natural disasters, which, similarly, helps humans in the long term. It’s nice to have your best friend available to you to help you navigate the more challenging things in life.

Internal Map

Your dog has a built-in map. It’s like a GPS that doesn’t need a satellite. Dozens of stories exist where dogs were lost for days, weeks, and sometimes months, only to find their way home. Your little pup triangulates your home position as soon as it recognizes your home as its home. This is a great tool in case your pup gets lost. We don’t really understand the mechanics behind it, but your dog pays attention to all landmarks, smells, and other geolocating tools to figure out where you live and always find her way home. You can even test this if YOU’RE lost. Let your pup off leash and ask her if she wants to go home and start following. Your pup is ready to get home at all times, to the warmth and comfort of its bed. It’s an incredible superpower that we only wished we had!