How many hotels are dog friendly? More than you might think! Not too long ago, most hotels were aghast to welcome a furry friend in a room. The reasons were always the same: noise, fur, dander, and tidiness. Boy how times have changed. Many hotels these days have dog-friendly rooms that are specifically for guests who bring their pups with them! This not only saves a trip to daycare, but it also helps the family vacation turn into a whole family vacation!

Things to consider

Even though your hotel (especially the nation-wide, budget hotel La Quinta) may be very dog friendly, that does not mean there aren’t rules. If you plan an all-day excursion and know that your dog barks when there’s noise outside, taking your pup to a hotel and leaving her in a crate all day may not be the best choice for your. A barking dog can be very disturbing for other hotel guests, especially those in close proximity. New noises are scary, and it’s important to consider how your dog reacts to being in a new location prior to taking her on your adventure.

Similarly, if your dog is destructive, at all, it might not be worth risking a trip to a hotel. Most hotels are pretty conservative and charge a cleaning fee for your pet upfront, but any damage to your room could easily cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars very quickly and easily on a damaged bed, door, or furniture. Especially if your pup happens to be a dog that is prone to chewing on baseboards or other kinds of wood, it might make more sense to keep her at home instead of risking what could happen in a hotel. But if it works, the doggy hotel can be a great experience for your pup and your family!