Eye boogers are the worse! So are black gunk in the ears. It’s incredibly important to keep an eye on your dog’s eyes and ears to ensure that your pup feels comfortable and stays healthy.  

The eyes

Just like people, dogs’ sight changes with age. And, just like people, eye health declines with age. While a young pup might not have a ton of eye boogies, older dogs do. Wiping a dog’s eyes everyday or every other day can prevent a lot of eye issues associated with bacteria and infections. Eye burgers can carry bacteria, just like anything else the pup comes into contact with. It’s a simple exercise that you can do with your fingers or with wipes, but it’s an important exercise to ensure the dog’s eye health long term .

The ears

Dogs’ ears are easily infected. Whether it’s the equivalent of swimmer’s ear, dirt, or something else, dogs’ ears often get black and gooey. This is not good! To avoid constant ear infections, it’s critical to use some apparatus to clean them. You can use a cue tip, your finger, or something more fancy that your vet recommends to clean your dog's ears, and you should do this very regularly. Think about cleaning your dog’s ears and your dog’s eyes are weekly duties, at the latest. Clean ears lead to a healthy, long life.