Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

You're probably looking to incorporate turkey into your dog's diet. Or maybe you just cooked a delicious turkey. And you wish to share it with your best friend.

Whatever your reason is, we have the answer. It's yes! But also, no.

Is Turkey Toxic To Dogs?

You might already be feeding your dog turkey without knowing. It's one of the ingredients that are very present in the dog's treats. Turkey is rich in a lot of nutrients necessary for your dog's well-being. So, many commercial dog food brands include it.

Turkey itself isn't the problem. That is unless your dog has turkey allergies. In this case, you must talk to your vet and see what allergies your dog has. This way, you can avoid feeding your dog something unhealthy.

How Can You Feed Your Dog Turkey?

You're probably looking to feed your dog turkey meat and not just industrialized treats. And you can.

You need to consider how you're cooking the turkey before going any further. If you're going to fry it, do not, under any circumstance, feed it to your dog. Fried foods are detrimental to a dog's health. But you also must follow specific guidelines.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Meat?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey meat.

But first, if you want to include your dog in the family dinner, you might want to hold back on the seasoning. What you might enjoy as a hearty, delicious meal is harmful to your dog. A seasoned turkey may cause a dog to have an upset stomach.

Second, you should remove the skin from the turkey. This specific part is where most of the fat is stacked up. So, it can result in grave medical conditions like pancreatitis in your dog.

Third, make sure you know your dog's serving size and don't exceed it. You don't want to overfeed your dog even if the food isn't initially bad for them. Dogs also suffer from obesity. You also need to consult your vet about previous medical conditions your dog had. You might even have to serve a minimal quantity of the turkey, especially if your dog has diabetes. Always remember, moderation is key.

Fourth, dogs don't care for side dishes and adornments. So you can serve their turkey share alone. And especially avoid onions and garlic. They're toxic to dogs. You should only feed your dog fresh meat. Chemicals and preservatives are also very unhealthy. 

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

No! Never give your dog food that contains bones.

If you want to give your dog a bone, you need to go for a larger one. And preferably as a chewy rubber toy.

However, turkey bones, mainly when cooked, are very dangerous to dogs. All poultry bones are brittle. Therefore they can cause injuries if served with the meat. Best case scenario, your dog will get constipated. But the repercussions are worse than that.

Swallowing a bone is very threatening. It can lead your dog to choke. But even if your dog does munch on the bones, the tiny bits can pierce the lining of stomachs and intestines. Worse, it might even cause rectal bleeding. And you'll even be obliged to take your dog for emergency surgery. Bones can also lead to mouth, tongue, and throat injuries. So, you should make sure no brittle bones are in your dog's share.

Having said all this, you still need to consult your vet about incorporating human food into your dog's diet. And therefore, the answer to your question is only a yes if the turkey is cooked plain and served without skin, free of bone, and without any seasoning or stuffing.