Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs?

Frequently Asked Question: Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs?

BBQs and gatherings are a perfect way to get your dog to socialize. There are various smells and food to enjoy in these social events, but they aren't exactly the best for your fur baby, or at least you wonder: can dogs eat hot dogs?

In this post, we share this frequently asked question with you about our lovely canine: can dogs eat hot dogs?

What To Know Before Asking, Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs?

Hot dogs are heavily processed and also high in sodium and chemicals that dogs do not need. Simple hot dogs are an appropriate source of protein as an occasional snack.

However, you must take great care in feeding your dog leftover hot dogs as it can be seen as a sort of mysterious meat, full of ingredients that could shock them or not be recognized. Many of them could be harmful to dogs.

Many hot dogs contain non-dog-friendly ingredients such as sodium nitrate associated with cancer, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and artificial glutamate or sugars. 

Hot dogs also contain seasonings, for example, onion and garlic powder, as well as garlic and onions.

However, salt is the main issue with hot dogs. According to a National Academy of Sciences, a dog weighing 33 pounds requires 200mg only of sodium each day. 

The typical hot dog contains over 500mg sodium, which would possibly place it well above the daily sodium limit by feeding your dog just half a hot dog. 

Too much sodium can cause dehydration when feeding it to a dog. And over time, excess sodium can, in the same way as in humans, lead to high blood pressure.

A hot dog is easily a choking threat to your hungry dog due to its size and shape. The mystery meat can be stuck in their neck and can fill the passageway, blocking all air due to its length and girth. Dogs can not tell you they're choking, and even with a Heimlich maneuver, an intact hot dog can be hard to remove. 

Even if cut in little pieces for much the same reason, hot dogs are a choking hazard for children as well. They can be scarfed and swallowed easily with minimum chewing and then stuck in the throat.

Do not panic if your dog snatches a hot dog when you're not looking. Just one hot dog is possibly not harmful. He may be suffering from tummy aches or other complications, such as diarrhea, but this should go away in a day. If diarrhea doesn't stop, or if the dog vomits with diarrhea, you should call the vet, since that could lead to severe dehydration. Make sure your dog has enough water, as all the hot dog's salt is likely to make him thirsty.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? Why Not?

There are top-quality meats on the market that make your barbeque time with your pet more convenient. Many organic products consist of pure beef, have no artificial additives that are harmful to your dog's digestive system, and their quality components can compensate for the potential negative effects of fat and calories.

Butchers also make their own sausages and hot dogs at the spot. Be sure to talk to them about the ingredients they have put into meats before they are put into the case.

You should also avoid any additives like garlic, onions, or hot peppers, which may make your dog's digestive system more irritated or cause poisoning. 

Ensure that the meat is fully cooked as raw meat can also hold bacteria that can make your dog sick.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? Final Word

If your dog has some troubling signs, discuss your dog's food allergy or intolerance with your vet. For example, hot dogs can cause a reaction if your dog has a sensitivity to grains. Seek urgent vet treatment if your dog eats onions or garlic.