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Are Bully Sticks Safe For Dogs

Another must-know topic when it comes to your dog nutrition.

In this article, we’ll answer the main questions related to bully sticks such as: Are bully sticks safe for dogs? What are bully sticks made of? What is the bully sticks benefits? How often to give puppy bully ticks? What are the bully stick side effects?

What Are Bully Sticks

Well, a good question indeed. No need for controversy here, however. Bully sticks contain only one ingredient. Nothing bad! They are made out of beef pizzle. And it is a natural muscle!

These healthy treats will be fantastic for your pup’s health!

Are Bully Sticks Digestible

The bully sticks are easy to digest for your dog. Happily, they only contain one ingredient. Being 100% beef muscle, they provide amazing benefits!

Bully Sticks Dental Health

Of course, dentition is a vital aspect when it comes to dogs. Now the question arises. Are Bully sticks good for your dog’s teeth? Well, they can be. It’s all down to your dog’s way of eating them. 

Most times, when dogs try to eat chewy foods, they will scrape their teeth on them. This promotes dental health. The whole process helps them clean their teeth. This can reduce plaque, buildup, and, ultimately, maintains a clean set of teeth. All this chewing will help lessen any buildup, and nothing will stick to the dog’s teeth. 

Bully Sticks Protein

Dogs are considered to be mainly carnivores. Meaning that they would rather eat proteins. This doesn’t exclude anything else, though. If they like it, they will eat it. What we do know is that a healthy dog diet contains proteins. By feeding your dog natural chews, you are helping the process. It’s a beautiful way to keep him healthy and happy!

The Bully sticks do have some proteins. Besides the fact that they are rich in proteins, they do have other properties. The amino acids, for example, will keep muscles, brain, coat, and skin healthy!

Beef Pizzle Are Just Dog Treats

We know your pet absolutely loves the bully sticks. They are not going to substitute his regular food. Just like dog biscuits, they are treats. In the long term, they won’t provide the required nutrition. It’s not something wrong with the beef pizzle. This rule stands for any other treat. Less is more, always!

Watch Out For Allergies

Keep in mind that dogs are different. Just like any other creature. There is a chance that your dog is sensitive to specific foods or ingredients.

Some dogs are quite allergic to protein. And bully sticks are made out of protein. If that’s the case, you should take him to the vet. Just by removing something from his diet, the problem won’t be solved. Look out for symptoms and if he is acting weirdly, or seems sick, address a vet. 

Bully Stick Diarrhea

Sometimes, if the food is not stored correctly, it may get contaminated. This can lead to your dog having problems. He can get digestive problems from it. Make sure that everything you feed him is proper. Keep them stored in safe spaces. 

How Often To Give Puppy Bully Sticks

Keep in mind your dog’s size when you are feeding him. Choose small bits for the small dogs. Make sure that your dog won’t accidentally swallow it whole. He can choke on it!

You shouldn’t leave your dog to eat the bully sticks for more than 10 minutes. The explanation is simple. These treats have high levels of proteins. If your dog is not used to them, he may have digestive issues. He may vomit or have a bad case of diarrhea. 

If you introduce the treats slowly, the risks are smaller. Any situation is manageable with moderation. In time, leave them the sticks for a longer time. Still, he shouldn’t receive more than one stick a day.

Bully Stick Side Effects

The rule goes for any other treat. Make sure you supervise him all the time. If you don’t, they may choke on something.

You need to stay in the same room with them. From time to time, look at what your dog does. See how he interacts with the treat.

Bully sticks are made to be chewed. Swallowing a large bit may have harmful effects. It may lead to intestinal blockage or choking. Stay with your pet as he eats. Keep a close eye on him. This way, everything will be alright.