As pet parents, we know the challenges of potty training! Whether we've had our little friend since they were a puppy, or we were united a little later in life, accidents and incidents are all too real when house training a pet. Here are some struggles every pet parent knows.


1. Establishing where we "go." 

With pets, the world is their toilet. They don't understand that that's a brand new rug, or that furniture is for sitting on. Establishing where to go can be a challenge!

2. Establishing when we "go." 

We've all had that moment when we ignored their attempted wake-up call only to awaken to the surprise that they have already done their duty. Getting into a routine of getting out early and often to find a spot to take care of business is tough, but we've all braved it in the interest of our pet's (and our carpet's) well-being. 

3. The accidents.

Even housebroken pets can have accidents. We overslept and rushed out the door in the morning. We weren't able to get home at lunch time to take them out. We come home to puddles and an embarrassed pooch and no one is happy. 

4.  Location, location, location. 

Whether its an apartment, condo or home with an entertaining backyard, finding a place where your pet can go freely can be a huge challenge in general, and especially in the training process. There's that one patch of grass a block over, or the tree across the street. Many of us have frantically run with our pets mid-squat to find an acceptable place, and sometimes you just don't make it.

5. Safety first.

Sometimes walking our pets after dark requires us to take precautions, no matter where we live. Whether it's wild animals or strangers, our love for our pets demands us to take the risk.


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 -Patio Pet Life