Bringing home a puppy, or even an adult dog who has never been house trained, poses unique challenges for new dog owners. House training isn't something that happens overnight; it will take time and patience on your part, but the effort will be worth it. Before you begin house training your new dog, be aware of a few of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Punishing Them for Accidents

Pushing their nose into a mess on the carpeting or yelling at them for having an accident in the house isn't going to accomplish anything—aside from causing them to believe they're being punished for doing their business at all. This will make them more likely to not only have accidents inside the house, but to hide them from you. Instead of this approach, try using positive reinforcement when your dog does its business outdoors.

Feeding Your Dog Erratically

Feeding your dog on an erratic schedule is a recipe for disaster when you're trying to house train. Stick to routine, predictable feeding schedules and your pet will become more regular when it comes to its elimination. Feeding your pet pre-determined amounts a couple (or a few) times a day is also better for your dog's overall health and weight.

Not Setting Aside the Time

If you're away from home 10 hours a day for work, don't expect your new dog to be able to "hold it" the entire time. Understand that while you're house training your dog, you may need to stop at home during your lunch break or have a trusted friend/neighbor come by to let your dog outside. Patio Pet Life products can be used inside or outside so if you cannot make it home in time bring your farm fresh pet grass indoors so you new dog has the relief. 

By avoiding these common house training mistakes, you and your dog will be on the same page in no time.